What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the techniques that help your website rank higher in search results, making website more visible to people. When people are looking for your product or service through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, for example, SEO makes them more or less visible.

SEO is just one part of the broader Search Engine Marketing (SEM), a term used to describe all marketing search strategies. There is a possibility of paid search, where you can pay to list your website on a search engine so that it shows up more often when someone types in a specific keyword or phrase.

The main purpose of a search engine is to provide you with useful information, it is in everyone’s best interest to make suure that your website is listed in the organic search listings. Normal SEO (unpaid, natural or organic, all these synonyms are used) on Google alone, where over half million searches are done every second, makes your website more or less visible to the people who do the research.

Marketing such as yellow pages, newspaper, and radio advertisements are long gone. In order for you to attract business, you have to be present in the cyber space. Consumers are now in control of what they see and look for. Every search engine has what are referred to as bots, or crawlers, that scan the web, ranking websites for content. If your website has not been ranked, it is impossible for your website to appear in the search results.

Google is constantly ranking billions of web pages. They consider two main areas when determining how to prioritize your website: 1. Content on your website and 2. Who is linked to you. Search engines are extremely complex. They are trying to think like humans. You already know how you can start the search with one thing and easily go and end up on something completely different, if the ads take you to it.