Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the technique of optimising your online content to make it appear as the top result for a particular keyword search.It is a practice intended to increase both the quantity and the quality
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Definition of SEO

Listed below are the three major aspects required to comprehend SEO

1.Quality of traffic

The primary focus of (SEO is to invite visitors genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

2.Volume of traffic

If you succeed in getting the right people come to your page rather than browsing into other search engine result pages,the number of visitors to your website increase gradually.

3.Organic results

They occupy a very significant portion of search engine result pages.It is the traffic free of cost for which you do not make any sort of payment.

Definition of Content Marketing and its relevance for your SEO

It is a marketing technique with the intent of publishing relevant content to create an awareness about your brand. You basically create a funnel where you draw targeted audience who are likely to convert into your buyers.

You need to draft your content around a central keyword. This will help the search engines understand the overall theme of your article. As a result, your page would be shown up for the queries that the users are searching.

Next Steps

While it may sound simple but actually it requires a bit of research to draft your content. You cannot go on inserting keywords at random. Google is smart enough to realise this and would eventually penalise you for keyword stuffing.

The best practice is to use your central keyword at relevant places where it feels natural. You also need to research on LSI keywords. These are words or phrases that are semantically similar to your keyword.

For eg. if your keyword is “SEO optimizaton” then certain LSI suggestions could be “How to optimize content for SEO”, “Best Search Engine Optimization techniques”. You can take help of google suggest or free online tools.

Long Tail Strategy

Ranking your page for a one letter or two letter word is a difficult task unless your Domain authority is on the higher side. If you are beginning with your SEO campaigns, the best approach is to adopt a long tail keyword strategy.

Long tail keywords are basically phrases that a user generally types in the search bar. For example, “How do I make my content SEO friendly”. While there may be relatively few people searching for this but the traffic would be highly targeted and thus would lead to more business conversions.

SEO optimization includes a lot of things. You need to mix and match the relevant strategies to reach your intended audiences. It continues to be a major strategy to rank higher in SERP results